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Self tow 101


Self tow rentals: Your vehicle must excess the tow rating of our Airstream dry weight with tow package includes: 2" receiver, 7 Way Vehicle Connector and electric brake control installed. If your vehicle only have 4 or 5 pole connector it need to be upgraded to 7 way you will only need to wire the line 4 which is the black wire to your battery with a fuse for battery connect to trailer battery and to turn on our RF Electric brake unit.

Image result for 4 to 7 way adapter

Electric brake control is an option for size 16ft, 19ft, 22ft and 23ft.  For 25ft up we recommed you to have one installed on your vehicle.

If you don't have a tow vehicle, we recommend Enterprise truck rentals for tow vehicle  or you can rent our Yukon XL.

You don't need to provide your own ball hitch we will install our weight distribution hitch on your tow vehicle base on the height from ground to top of your receiver no higher than 25" and we will go through an hour of orientation.

People are not allowed in a trailer coach while it is being towed (CVC §21712(d)).

We also required to have Certification of Insurance or Insurance Binder (comp/coll) for our Airstream from your current auto insurance company.  We have found the following list of insurance companies may provide insurance from your auto policy during your rental period simply by asking their agents if they provide temporary coverage’s. This is sometimes called a “Insurance binder” or “certificate of insurance”. Some agents may not know if they can provide such coverage and in this case contact our rental office for assistance.

  • USAA
  • AAA
  • Allstate
  • State farm
  • Farmers
  • 21st Century
  • Liberty Mutual
  • AIG Insurance
  • Kemper
  • Wachovia
  • Wawanesa
  • Kemperv

These company will write us an insurance binder pretty much for free.  However, most of our clients actually switched to save money.

We also now offer 3rd party coverage for Domestic and International renters. The policy provides for $1M in coverage from the first dollar up, with no deductible. Comp/Coll $1,500 deductible DMV or Passport vetification is required.

If your tow car has electric brake control, it will look something like below:

If you don't have electric brake, you can order one on line or any RV store.  it is very easy to installed if your vehicle already have tow package that come with the car.

We recommend Tekonsha prodigy P2 below:


If you don't want to install one, we have tekonsha RF electronic trailer brake control available on our 16/22FB Bambi Sport and 19ft International. However, you must verify your vehicle has 2" receiver with 7 way connector and the most importantly is Line #4 (Black wire) must have 12V battery power working in order for our electric brake to work espically any vehicle is 2011 below.

Espeicaly Yokon or Tahoe there is a wire need to hook up by your front fuse box.  For europe automobles: Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, VW, Audi, and Porsche it would be easier to use our ETB.

Image result for rf electronic brake controller

BBe sure to vertify your line #4 Black is active see below diagram.

If you don't, you can also purchase an adapter from any RV store and have them installed for you.

When you come to pickup our Airstream we will install Andersen weight distribution hitch on your Vehicle and give you a complete run down on how things work.

If you have a vehicle with a factory tow package that has a lamp-out sensor and you tow a trailer that has LED lights on it, then you've likely experienced hyperflashing and/or false computer errors. Because LEDs pull such a small amount of power, certain sensors are unable to detect them. The result is a warning in your vehicle that continuously tells you that the trailer lights are not functioning. In addition, the lights on your trailer may not illuminate properly because of your vehicle's inability to recognize LED lights. This can lead to either hyperflashing lights on the trailer or lights that will not illuminate at all.

This adapter has a built-in bypass system that is designed to eliminate these problems. Just plug the adapter into your vehicle's 7-way, RV-style trailer connector and you're good to go. Plug the wiring connector from your LED-lit trailer into the adapter's 7-way, blade-style receptacle and the trailer's lights will illuminate as they're supposed to, without triggering errors in your car's computer.

For VW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche Towing Trailers with LED Lights we uses Sensor Bypass 7 way RV to 7 way RV Vehicle End.

Image result for Trailer Connector Adapter w/ Lamp-Out Sensor Bypass - 7-Way RV to 7-Way RV - Vehicle End